About the Snæfellsnes Research Centre

The Snæfellsnes Research Centre is a part of the University of Iceland's institute of research centers (Stofnun fræðasetra Háskóla Íslands). There it says inter alia “The University of Iceland institute of research centers is a research and service institution which falls under the University council. The institution is built on the independent units of education- and research centers of the University of Iceland in the sparsely populated area (outside Reykjavík). The institution is a venue for collaborated projects between the University and communities, institutions, companies, organizations and individuals in the sparsely populated area. The main goal of the institution is create research facilities in the sparsely populated area, increase the publics’ possibilities for education and strengthen the connection between the University of Iceland and the industries and the nation. The Snæfellsnes Research Centre’s residence is in a public building supplied by the town government of Stykkishólmur, as well as the West-Iceland Institute of Natural History (NSV). The research centre has access to the laboratories of the NSV for rough work (wet lab) and for molecular biology. Please contact our director for enquiries.

Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is