The Area

Sea and shoreline are the key features of the area. Shallow productive seas, a high number of small islands and a long intricate shoreline give the area a global status for many species of shorebirds, seabirds and sea invertebrates. Ca. 80% of all mudflats and rocky shores in the county are to be found in the area.

Some of the more common seabirds are shag, cormorant, kittiwake, black-guillemot and puffin. High-arctic transient migrants use the area as a key stepping stone on the way to and from their breeding haunts in arctic Canada and Greenland. Most numerous are knot, turnstone and pale-bellied brent goose. Other high-arctic species, like sanderling, Greenland white-fronted goose and subpopulations of species that also breed in Iceland like dunlin and ringed-plover, also pass through in large numbers.

The shallow seas of the Breidafjordur bay support the highest diversity of marine invertebrates ever recorded around Iceland.

Below are downloadable PDF's of two leaflets about the area. One about the area in general and the other one about birds.

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Birds 1
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