Banding of common eider in Breiðafjörður

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We have been working with eider farmer Smári Lúðvíksson since 2008, in the densely nested colony at Rif.

We then began our own banding program in 2014 in Landey, Stykkishólmur.

In 2015, we expanded the Landey project to include Landey and six more locations in the vicinity of Stykkishólmur, i.e., Þorvaldsey, Sellátur, Elliðaey, Hjallsey, Stakksey and Rifgirðingar. We banded 198 common eider females using pole snares. This banding program participates in the SEATRACK project, which is led by the Norwegian Polar Institutute. We use 7 color combiations of bands, see the link for pictures.

Some pictures from our project are seen below

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