Colour ringed waders

For godwits, if the bird has not been ringed in Iceland, we will get the sighting to the relevant collaborator/administrator. If you are interested in how sightings are processed, or would like further assistance or information please contact Tómas Grétar Gunnarsson (

Special notes for godwits:

  1. The banding programs have both used dark green and pale green (lime) colors. Please distinguish between the two.
  2. Some rings are so-called flags. That is, they have a flat bit sticking out of the ring. If the bird has one of these, please included that in your query.
  3. Some white rings have engravings. Most common is a black "X". Others are "O" and a letter and a digit together.
  4. Rings can be different height and it can help to know whether rings are tall (14 mm used on adults) or short (7 or 9 mm used on chicks). If the bird has tall rings, two of those together above the joint will go almost all the way up to the feathering, where as short rings will only go up half the tibia or so.
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