Phd position in ARCPATH at the University of Iceland’s Research Center in Húsavík

NordForsk-funded Nordic Centre of Excellence Project: Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies (ARCPATH) is seeking applications for a Ph.D. position.

Expected ARCPATH results are: improvements in Arctic climate predictions by the reduction of uncertainties originating from changes in the cryosphere and the ocean, and insights into Arctic climate sensitivity to anthropogenic forcing, as well as an increase in understanding of how changes in climate interact with multiple societal factors, ranging from development of fishing communities to consumptive and non-consumptive use of marine mammal in the North Atlantic Arctic. ARCPATH will use tools and approaches from both the natural and social sciences to create a truly interdisciplinary project that will link climate predictions with impacts on human activities through the analysis and assessment of climate-induced risk and opportunities.

The aim of this Ph.D. position is to link the distribution of small cetaceans to factors linked to climate change such as changing prey distribution and abundance due to changes in environmental conditions such as sea temperature. Passive acoustic data loggers will be used in two bays in the northern part of Iceland (Eyjafjörður and Skjálfandi Bay) to monitor the relative abundance of the small species of cetaceans (such as dolphins and porpoises). The project is planned to run from May 2017 until April 2020.

The applicant should have a M.Sc. degree in biology, a natural science subject or a relevant field and have experience with passive acoustics and use of data loggers such as C-PODs.

Applications for the position HI17010154 shall include a letter of interest and description for the applicant how they can contribute to the project. The letter should be no longer than one page.  In addition, the application should include: i) CV, ii) certificates of education (BS and MSc degree), iii) two reference letters and contact information. The selected candidate will need to send a formal application for a PhD studentship at the University of Iceland in due time.

Application deadline is February 15th 2017. The selected candidate is expected to start as soon as possible. Please apply here:

For further information please contact Marianne Rasmussen (, director of the University of Iceland's Research Centre in Húsavík. Information on the research center can be found here.

All applications will be acknowledged and applicants will be informed about the appointment when a decision has been taken.

Appointments to positions at the University of Iceland are made in consideration of the Equal Rights Policy of the University of Iceland.

The salary for the position will be in accordance with the salary agreement between the Union of University Teachers and the Minister of Finance. 

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