Photo Identification Project

Photo Identification Project

The Photo Identification Project was started in 2001 and is a cooperation between the Research Centre in Húsavík and the Húsavík Whale Museum. Whales can be identified by various characteristics, such as scars, different fluke prints and other.



Sporður hnúfubaks



The fluke of the Humpback Whale is for example unique, quite similar to the human fingerprint. No two flukes are the same, and therefore no two Humpback whales the same.








Individual Blue Whales can also been identified, their hue and colour varies from individual to indivdual.













White Beaked Dolphins can be recognized and individualized by different colour pattern on the sides of their bodies, as well as from scatterd dorsal fins.












Individual Minke Whales can be recoginzed bu their dorsal fins and/or scars on their back.

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