The staff of Snæfellsnes Research center are those who reside there for work or study.

Many students have taken summer jobs with the Research Centre, and some of those have written their BS thesis based on their work. Those students so far have come from Iceland, France, Canada, UK and Italy.

Click on the links for each person to see an information page in Icelandic (with some information in English) with publications.  A full list of publications can be found here.


Regular staff (January 2019):

Jón Einar Jónsson

Ute Stenkewitz


Summer/intern opportunities at the Snæfellsnes Research Center.

In addition to several Icelandic summer workers, we have received students from Faroe Islands, Canada, France, Italy and the United States, who have participated in our summer field work. These students were pursuing their BS (sometimes masters) degrees and used their experiences with us to write a BS thesis. Among the topics were: eider breeding biology (our favorite), ecological knowledge of eider farmers, climate change and breeding seabirds.

We also welcome the opportunity to receive graduate students pursuing field work opportunities or MS projects.

Our summer team is comprised of three biologists, two of which work here all year round. We sometimes borrow our colleagues for a day’s work and also work with local eider farmers. We always welcome help with our eider banding and in return are happy to see students work on their own projects during May and June. Ideally, our summer workers are finishing no later than 10-15 July, but we are open to suggestions for work year-round.

We like to have certain things in order when we receive summer interns from abroad. We have the following requirements:

1) English proficiency is required (unless you speak fluent Icelandic?). We require a copy of your final report/thesis to your school and that must be written in English, or an English translation provided. We are happy to provide feedback as the student is writing his/her report/thesis after finishing the summer here – we can help.

2) After establishing initial contact with us, send us recommendation letters from your teachers, former supervisors, someone you worked with in the field etc.

3) Your degree supervisor needs to establish contact with our director beforehand and there needs to be regular contact between the school supervisor and us during your stay in Stykkishólmur. We may be able to apply for small grants to support the student while in Iceland. Also, if you are able to get support (such as ERASMUS), make sure you know about those opportunities. Thus, we like to hear from you before 31 December, should you wish to join us in the following summer. Note that our space is limited!

4) Preference is obviously given to students who wish to work with our research program, although completely independent project may be considered. We like working with eiders but are also able to receive students interested in other seabirds, such as kittiwake, puffin, and fulmar.



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