The Wild North project


Development of sustainable tourism destinations and protection of the natural environment in the Northern Periphery.

The Wild North infrastructure

  • Studying the interaction between tourists and wild animals – conducted throughout the research period
  • Examining the quality of the information imparted to tourists
  • Education of staff and imparting knowledge
  • Systematic development of products and events throughout the research period.
  • Project management team composed by representatives from all participating countries


  • The Icelandic Sealcenter og Æðarvarp ehf
  • Húsavík Research Center, University of Iceland, Húsavík Whale Museum, North Sailing, GentleGiants
  • The Icelandic foxcenter, Bolungarvík Research Centre, Náttúrustofu Vestfjarða, Borea Adventures and West Tours
  • Skagaströnd Community, Náttúrustofa Norðurlands vestra and Hólar University College
  • Spindaj in Norway and Norwegian Institute of Natural Research (NINA)
  • SamVit at Farose islands, Faroese Fisheries Laboratory, and Vestmanna Bird Watching
  • Grenlandic Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland Tourism and Business Council and some travel agencies


  • NORA
  • NATA
  • Vaxtarsamningur Norðurlands vestra
  • The Office of Travel Affairs (Ferðamálastofa styrkti)
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